Garage Door Safety

What’s the largest moving object in your home? The garage door; and it serves as the main entrance to the home for 70% of homeowners. Does that surprise you? If not, then the fact that 1-in-15 garage doors and openers may lack the latest safety features or may not operate safely at all. Millions of garage doors and openers may require attention from qualified professionals.

Just because the garage door goes up and down does not mean that it is working properly. A few simple tests can help determine if your garage door and opener are safe or if you should call in a qualified professional to further evaluate and correct.
• First, check for properly installed photo eyes mounted no higher than 6 inches off the floor.
• Second, visually observe the guide wheels, mounting brackets and door hardware for damage.
• Third, make sure the door is unlocked and raise the door, visually observing that the door operates smoothly.
• Fourth, block the photo eye with an object and try closing the door to verify that the sensors are operating properly.
• Fifth, lay a 2×4 or similar object in the doors path and close the door. The garage door should reverse off this object as safety feature.

If you observe any issues or concerns during these test or the safety items fail, then immediately contact a qualified professional to further evaluate and correct. Other good reasons to consider replacement of your older garage door openers are that most manufacturers no longer produce replacement parts for older (pre 1993) garage door openers. Once again technology has increased safety features and has made newer doors safer and added newer conveniences.
If you have any questions or need a qualified contractor feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help!

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