CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing)

Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) or the flexible yellow gas lines found in many homes beginning in the 1990’s is a good and safe product when installed properly following the manufacturers instructions.
Manufacturers are requiring more stringent installation instructions for bonding/grounding their product due to the risk of damage from lightning strikes. Lightning can cause systems in the structure to become energized. If the systems are not properly bonded/grounded, the difference in these systems may cause the charge to arc to another system in the home. Arcing can cause damage and small pin holes to the CSST piping resulting in numerous gas leaks throughout the system in the home.
Typically the CSST piping is bonded to the water system in the home or directly grounded to the electrical panel or ground rod for the home. The bonding /grounding minimize the differences in the systems when energized reducing the chance of arcing from one system to another in the home.
The newer black CSST being installed in homes in the past few years is redesigned and contains a conductive jacketing so additional bonding/grounding is not needed. If you have any questions on the installation of CSST in your home feel free to contact Midlands Home Inspections, a qualified plumber or qualified electrician to further evaluate your system. As always if you smell gas, get out of the home and call 911 and the appropriate utilities in your area.