Recall Chek

One of our auxiliary services that Midlands Home Inspections provides to our clients is a recall check on the appliances in the home.

One in ten homes has a recalled appliance and it’s up to the consumer to find out whether the appliances in their new home are a potential hazard. Since 1974, citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their home by law. If a manufacturer designs a dangerous product, they must recall those items and fix/repair them for free.

You will receive an email monthly letting you know if any of your appliances are on or have been added to the database of recalled items in the U.S. and providing you with information to get those items corrected free through the manufacturer. If you change/replace an appliance you can add the new appliance to the RecallChek so your mind is always at ease.

Your home inspection is our opportunity to shine and we are committed to raising the standards of home safety.

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