Certified Move In Ready

How does the (Pre-Inspection) Certified Move In Ready program work?

Simple, Certified move in ready homes have been thoroughly inspected and undergone our examination of the home, which includes: Structural, Mechanical, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, Major Appliances and HVAC system. Certified Move In Ready does not mean the home is perfect or that all repairs have been made. It simply means that the home has already undergone a vigorous inspection and there are no big surprises to be found. A written report has been finalized and included documentation of any areas of concern. Sell your home faster, for more money and with less hassle!

Midlands Home Inspections applies the same standards of inspections for sellers as we do for buyers. Regardless of who hires us, the outcome will be the same. We will not sugar-coat our findings for sellers any more than we would exaggerate our findings for buyers. Here is why you should consider the CMIR program:

Make Your Home More Marketable:
Having a home inspection before potential buyers start looking will allow you to understand any current or potential problems areas within the home. This allows you to say “Here is the home, here’s what it should cost to make the remaining repairs. It has been priced accordingly.” This not only reduces your buyer’s negotiating leverage, but prepares you to better answer any questions. This proactive planning helps you eliminate the dreaded element of surprise and allows you to obtain the maximum selling price for your home.

Eliminates Road Blocks:
Without a pre-listing inspection, the buyer’s inspector could come in and develop a long list of items needing repair. This not only worries the buyers, but gives them a reason to try and run. Buyers can fall out of love with a home just as quickly as they fell in love with it. Why risk a nasty surprise causing a roadblock right before the closing table, jeopardizing your sale? Knowing the home’s condition in advance of the sale will save all involve a ton of frustration and disappointment!

Saves You Money:
Resolving problems prior to the buyer’s inspection will save you money. When you know what needs to be repaired in advance of the sale, you can obtain multiple estimates for the work, allowing you or your buyer to select the best contractor at the best price. Also, since the work can be done by the contractor in a time that fits his schedule, you avoid the “Rush Charges” to complete the work before a fast approaching closing date.

Cushion the Buyer’s Decision:
There is one secret all home sellers need to know. Buyer’s make their decision to purchase a home based on emotion. They justify that decision with logic. “Certified Move In Ready” indicates a quality home and helps the buyer feel more comfortable with their decision. Logically, it provides the buyer peace of mind, forgoing the worry of what the inspector might find. It also eliminates their expense and time involved when ordering an inspection, along with the frustration of negotiating for improvements or repairs.

Having your home evaluated and eliminating potential surprises, in advance of the sale, before any potential buyer shows up, will allow the home to be sold for more money, reduce the cost of any needed repairs, and minimize the frustration with the entire sales process.

So what do YOU benefit from a pre-listing inspection:

  • Provides you the opportunity to create a much cleaner inspection report, before the buyer’s arrive.
  • Allows you time for any repairs in order to more effectively market your home n the most positive light.
  • Helps you honestly share everything about your home, reducing your liability for disclosure.
  • Reduces the buyer’s negotiating leverage regarding the existing property conditions.
  • Increases the likelihood that serious offers will turn into closings.
  • Saves you money on repairs.
  • Buyer’s are instantly more comfortable, knowing that you have shared the homes true condition.
  • Increases the home buyer’s perceived value of the property.
  • Virtually eliminates emotionally and financially draining renegotiations.

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