Looking Forward

It’s almost the end of December already, and looking back over the year it’s been an interesting one to say the least. The market has been hot and cold this year giving us the roller coaster ride we expected.
We have seen a lot of beautiful homes and some that have not been so great. Treating every home the same during the inspection process, is key,  so we can provide a in depth, impartial inspection for our clients; helping to educate them on the home of their dreams.

2018, Midlands Home Inspections grew some, with the new office building, we where able to hire my oldest daughter to perform some office duties over the summer, freeing up some  time to perform more inspections and work on ideas to further improve our family business.

I would like to personally thank you all for a wonderful year and truly appreciate that you have trusted Midlands Home Inspections to perform your home inspection services.

2019 is looking to be an even better year for Midlands Home Inspections. We will be starting to perform mold inspections and indoor air quality checks for those that have concerns in their current homes or during the real estate transaction. We will also be implementing some new marketing ideas to help grow and get our name out to the public, in hopes, that we will be able to hire another inspector and possibly an office manager to help with the day to day operations.

Midlands Home Inspections will continue to strive to perform the best inspections we can and being devoted exclusively to serving our clients! Thank you again for a great year and looking forward to a even better, more exciting year to come!