Winter is Here!

The calendar has officially turned, and winter is here, whether you like it not!

Why not try to be a smarter homeowner this year and get ahead of the colder weather and beat old man winter before he wreaks havoc on your home!

Here are a few things that should be on your to-do list before you start hibernating this winter.

1. Order firewood. Ask friends and neighbors for suggestions on good sources in your community. Any hardwood, such as oak, maple, beech or elm, will work fine for firewood. You want seasoned firewood that’s at least a year old. Ash is the only wood that you can burn “green,” right after it’s cut down. But before you start roasting those chest nuts call in a qualified chimney sweep and clean your chimney to prevent any chimney fires.
2. Clean gutters. If you can’t get on a ladder yourself, hire someone. Wait until all the leaves are down, then do it once (unless, of course, they’re already overflowing when it rains). So many water-in-the-basement problems are because of clogged gutters.
3. Seal up masonry. Repair any broken joints or cracks in walkways, steps and stonework. Sealing these up will help prevent water from getting under and/or in the cement/stonework causing further cracking and damaged.
4. Cut down on heating costs. Make your house more energy-efficient by adding insulation, caulking around windows and doors and new storm windows. Maybe you have enough sun and space for solar panels. Repair any cracked or broken windows.
5. Call in an arborist. Many winter tree catastrophes are preventable. Get a certified arborist to walk around your yard with you to look for rotting trees or damaged or dangling limbs that may come down in the next storm.
6. Get your furnace inspected. Instead of begging for service when your furnace stops working on a dead-cold December night, sign a contract now with a reputable heating company. It’s worth it.

These are just a few things that should be done since winter has arrived and we all head in doors for the cold winter. Remember if you need any contractors or need recommendations feel free to contact us, we would be happy to pass along some referrals!

Enjoy your hibernation and look on the bright side, summer is just around the corner!