Winter Mold

Winter Mold

Ever notice in the cold winter months you may get some mold growing around your windows on the sills and trim work in your home?

Why does mold often appear around the windows during the winter months? Humidity and condensation are the reason. Warm, indoor air condensates on the cold windows forming droplets (moisture) which soaks into the sills and trim work around the window, so it becomes damp and before you know it, mold grows!

The mold growth on the sills and wood trim can appear to be thick and heavy but it’s usually just “surface mold” that can be cleaned off with most over-the-counter mold removal products. Cleaning the window is only a temporary fix. The moisture situation needs to change, or the windows will continue to condense or sweat, and the mold will keep coming back.

To keep the mold away for good, you need to concentrate on the real issue of temperature difference between the outside and inside air causing the condensation on the windows. It’s a pain, but if you can dry the windows off daily to prevent the moisture/condensation from soaking the wood trim and sill, you can slow the process and sometimes eliminate the mold. You should also keep the shades open as much as you can to allow sun light to help dry out the sills and wood trim. For maintenance to the windows you should fill any gaps/drafts with caulk or insulation to help control the temperature difference around the windows. Lastly you should consider installing high-quality , insulated windows to correct the problem for good.

Winter mold is not uncommon with older windows or homes with high humidity, but with some work and maintenance the issue can be resolved.