Can You Inspect In the RAIN?

Can you Inspect in the RAIN?

Sometimes people will call and ask if we can or should perform the home inspection in the rain? And my answer is always YES!

It might not be the most fun for the inspector, walking around in the rain, but performing the home inspection in the rain helps us find issues that we would not normally see and could be very difficult to discover if it wasn’t raining.

Obviously in the rain it is not safe to walk the roof, but the trade off is finding leaks and moisture issues that would not normally be discovered easily; and we can always come back after the rain to further evaluate the roof shingles when weather permits. During the rain, we have water flowing on, off and around the exterior of the home. This water will find its way into the home if things are not properly installed and built at the exterior. Rain can be a great indicator inside the home if there is anything amiss; any leaks will become visibly noticeable, making it even easier to determine their location and cause.

If you have an aging roof, leaks could be an all-to-real problem that can be costly to repair or replace. Inspections in the rain will also point out issues with drainage. Many homes may have old, broken, or clogged gutters that cause water to back up in areas it shouldn’t.

We always recommend seeing your new home in the daytime, nighttime, and in rainy conditions so you aren’t caught off guard.

Rain or shine, your home inspection is likely to go on as scheduled. While each season has its ups and downs for inspectors, rain can show a great deal of issues to an inspector, buyer, and seller. Living in Nebraska, chances are your inspection may fall on a rainy day. Call Midlands Home Inspections today for more information!