Mold Inspection and Air Quality Testing in Papillion, NE

Is Mold an issue in your home? Water can get into your home in many ways: leaky roofs and foundations, plumbing leaks, ground water, rain, sprinkler systems, flooding; you name it and water will find its way into the home. Sometimes you can see the damage or maybe you can smell a musty odor in some rooms of the home. Unwanted water intrusion can lead to mold growth in the home.

Some people may become sensitive to high spore levels causing allergies or even other health problems may develop. Mold growth can damage furnishings, belongings and even the structural components in the home.


It is generally accepted that indoor mold is not healthy for anyone. Midlands Home Inspections can help locate the source of the water intrusion that has contributed to the mold growth by our in-depth visual inspection and use of moisture meters and infrared cameras. Areas of concern can be tested by air samples or surface samples like swabs and tape lifts. All samples are tested and analyzed by a credited laboratory. After results come back from the laboratory, Midlands Home Inspections reviews the report and consults with you on the findings. The full report is sent to you via email for your records.

Fantastic service and detail-very helpful and answered many questions. Video walkthrough was a nice touch; husband hasn’t yet seen the house on the inside so the walkthrough helped me give him a better visual to go by. Thanks for the great service! – Review of Midlands Home Inspections By Von Tinney

Mold is present in any environment, but higher spore counts, and certain mold types may be a health concern. That is why it’s important for your family health to test for mold if you suspect your home has mold or a water intrusion issue.

If you notice or are aware of any of the following, you may have issues of mold growth in your home:

  • High Humidity
  • Past moisture issues
  • Musty Odors
  • Visible Mold Growth

“If you feel your home is in need of testing for mold, please give us a call, don’t wait until it affects your family’s health.” Brent Simmerman

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