Radon Testing in Omaha, NERadon gas is harmful to human beings. You may not have any idea how toxic it is and how it’s affecting the health of your family. But for sure, it is a silent killer. So don’t delay. Schedule your Radon Testing today in Omaha and surrounding areas!

Radon is odorless, colorless gas responsible for too many deaths per year that could have been prevented easily. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, various case studies show that radon gas is seriously responsible for lung cancer.

You can’t measure the level of radon gas in your home by just using a radon detector. The one you put on the wall, which needs new batteries every year. The only way to know its presence in your home is to have it tested by a state-licensed measurement company. It does not matter in which state or in what type of home you are living. Radon gas testing is the only way to check the level of risk. Whether it is new or old construction, well-sealed or drafty, with or without a basement. It makes no difference. Radon gas is present in the air you breathe every day. The only question is, how much? Schedule your Radon Testing today for Omaha and surrounding areas!

Brent was thorough as well as being conscious of the amount of detail. He made sure that we understood what was being discussed. He was more than willing to answer any and all questions. For the terms and situations that were unfamiliar to us, Brent was able to put it in terms that made the information comprehensible. Upon finishing the walk through, Brent sent us off with a binder that had all of the comprehensive information and a summary of the findings. This is invaluable because of all the things i have to be mindful about when excitedly looking at your possible future home. We would recommend Brent, and Midlands Home Inspections, to anyone. – Review of Midlands Home Inspections By Sarah Schneiderwind


Radon gas comes from the decay of natural uranium in water, soil, and rock. This gas is present in the outdoor air. It comes into the homes through cracks found in the foundation walls and floors. Construction joints, cavities inside walls, service pipes, etc could also produce radon gas. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the radon gas comes into the home from the soil in contact with the basement floors and walls.

After all the testing is done and your radon levels are at 4.0 pCi/L– the minimum action level established by the Environmental Protection Agency or higher, radon mitigation will be the next step. Remember to test your house and do it as soon as possible. We can reduce Radon deaths, but only if you help. Schedule your Radon Testing today in Omaha and surrounding areas!

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